Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 month of pure wonderful craziness


the little munchkin is officially 1 month & 5 days today.

And shockingly he is actually doing other things besides just the reflux/colic stuff!


like he eats, sleeps, and poops.... and that about sums up the life of a 1 month old.

just kidding. but he is growing and already feels way too big to me. some of these pictures are older and he looks so much bigger already.


Wylder in his first month has pretty much been living up to his name! (woooops! we pretty much set ourselves up for that one!) He started out his first day of life in the NICU. Then his first 2 weeks home were filled with doctor visits and lots of blood work to get his jaundice down and weight up. And pretty much the day that was all done his reflux kicked in. But at least he isnt boring, right? And he is teaching us A TON!


He officially weighs 9lbs 5 oz. If he stays at this pace he will definitely be able to stand up to his big brother one day! (not that he is big but he's just bigger than River was) And he has little rolls on his legs. (key word - little!) but there are rolls and thats more than River ever had too. I love them.

his first bath .. obviously he has no idea how awesome this could be just yet.

He's starting to loose his hair and look like a little bald man. It was dark brown from the day he was born but I really think its becoming more and more auburn. (ie: it looks exactly like Freelands beard!) it is getting lighter though so who knows what it will turn out like.

His eyes were dark blue just like Rivers when he was born and they are starting to get lighter & lighter too.

bald baby... which also looks SO much like my dad & my brother as a baby to me! Seriously, its creepy!

As far as a schedule or routine he is on .. umm there isnt one. I mean seriously, not that any one month old is on a "schedule" but I at least knew or could guess what River would probably do or how long he'd be awake for or when he would want to eat .. etc. Wylder, not so much! I know its because of his tummy issues. He has a hard time staying asleep because it hurts or he gags so it makes him restless and sleep is harder and then everything is thrown off. Thankfully, this aint my first rodeo so Im not the least bit stressed about his lack of sleeping or lack of schedule. (not that Im an expert with just 2 kids .. but with River I was SUPER focused on him learning to sleep from the beginning! and it stressed me out. Not so much this time)


We have him sleeping in his crib at night. Well, at least the times he will sleep in his crib - he is in there. Its the one thing that I actually try to keep consistent for him. I spend a lot of time patting his little back or putting the pacifier in his mouth helping him fall asleep. Hopefully it will all pay off and he is learning to sooth himself since we try not to always pick him up. Who knows. During the day its totally different since I cant always spend the time helping him sleep with River running around. But it works.


Life has been fun to say the least as a family of four so far. I feel like no matter what it would have been crazy but with all thats gone on its been especially crazy & has forced us to rely so much more on the Lord than ourselves. Because when you are running on 2 or 3 hours of sleep from the night you pretty much have nothing left to give to 2 kids and have to let the Lord take over. I havent handled it perfectly and have had my moments but in the end Im thankful for all the Lord will be able to teach us and how we will grow and one day look back at this and laugh.



  1. Brooke, he is precious!! Love all the beautiful pictures!

  2. Will you tell us how you finally settled on a name? Or did I miss that somehow...?

  3. good job momma, you're handling this SO much better than i would as i'm an anxiety MESS! and seriously, i hope you never pay anyone for professional pictures because these are the most AMAZING ones i've seen and i'm pretty sure you or freeland took them all! he is SUCH a love! way to go mom & dad!!!

  4. He is beautiful. You are a beautiful Mama. Just remember: Good things DO come in small pancakes.

  5. What a beautiful family you have. It does my heart good to witness the love and affection only a mother and father can give to their children. For the life of me, I can't understand how anyone could support abortion. You and your husband are to be commended.

  6. Brooke He is so sweet! I cant wait to hold the little peanut again when we get home. AND give River a hug. Miss you guys bunches!

  7. I'm so thankful I was able to meet him this week, and you and Free are doing a great job! Official rock star parents.

  8. Love the little guy already!!! ..I've been thinking about you often these days and miss you guys like crazy!! Love your beautiful fam!!!! xoxo

  9. Love all of the pictures! Sounds like you're adjusting well!