Thursday, July 7, 2011

the yard: before & after

I happened to come across some old pictures of when we first moved into our house and started working on our yard. I remember it being bad, but I honestly didnt remember just how bad it was!

Especially the backyard. Well, the front was horrible too. I guess its an even tie.

This is our 3rd summer in this house. Every summer we have put in more grass, put down more mulch, planted more flowers, and worked our tushes off. And I think all the work is finally starting to pay off. Especially since we just rent this house! (note: landlord, feel free to give us our full deposit back! Just kidding, she doesnt read our blog!)

This was the front:
note, the patches of missing grass. And what you see there is actually not even grass.. its just mowed down weeds! Also, Freeland had already started trimming the bushes but you can still see how they were HUGE and covered the porch and all the windows. The "flower bed" was also missing. (those are plants we were about to plant sitting there)

pulling the weeds and also pulling out tons of rocks?

trying to trim the rest of the bushes. I really wish you could have seen a true before picture.


finally got a flowerbed in there. and started planting. And look! You can finally see our windows!


And now 3 summers later .. check out that flower bed:

the flowers are coming in. plants are growing. grass is finally there!

and sadly I didnt take a better picture except that. but you get the point!

And now onto the back where I feel like you can see the most improvement.

check out those hedges .. or bushes? I dont know what the difference is. But I do know they hadnt been trimmed in YEARS. The fence was new. Our neighbors put it in right before this picture was taken.

just a bunch of weeds and vines and broken glass all along the back fence. And its hard to tell but there are lots of patches of grass missing.

the start of Freeland cutting down the bushes. (here he had already cleaned out behind them)





ignore the mess on the porch .. look you can finally see the fence!

Also, those 2 spots are where we had our fire pit. But grass is coming back in as week speak! 

the back flowerbed

and all the flowers are about to burst out!



these are roses my mom sent me last year for Mothers Day. We planted them and they came back! I love it.

Well, not the best pictures. But you get the point. Im thankful we have grass now. A place friends can come over & hang out at. And a safe place for River to play. It makes a difference!


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  2. Beautiful gardening! I love hydrengas. (I know I spelled that wrong. Oh well.) Don't you love planting something, waiting awhile, and then looking at it flourish and realizing "Hey, I planted that!"