Friday, July 29, 2011

Wylders Birthday

Here are some pictures (like, MAJOR picture overload!) from the day we finally met our sweet son:

dannnng ... I think he was ready to come out!

waiting in the prep area

my wonderful doctor stopping by to make sure everything was good to go & I felt okay!

ready to meet him!  (and loving the epidural!)

sorry if thats too much for anyone! dont look at the next one if it is! :)

Born at 7:38am!!




in recovery (out of it!) getting to hold Wylder for the first time!


Wylder had some respiratory issues after he was born and sadly had to go to the NICU. He stayed there for part of the afternoon but he wasnt ever officially admitted so that was a blessing! Freeland & my mom were able to stay with him while I waited as patiently as possible in our room! It was sad but honestly, I wanted whatever was best for him and if that meant being monitored by the people who could help him then I was all for it!

Honestly, before I went in to deliver him the nurse randomly started talking about how he would stay with us the entire time unless something was wrong & walked us through what would happen if it did. I seriously think it was a gift from God because before that moment it never occurred to me that something could happen since it didnt with River. I think it was such a gift because it prepared my heart and made me actually think about the possibility of that happening.

Anywho's this was the amazing nurse who watched him:

she also pretty much helped Freeland through the whole thing too! As you can imagine, its a little stressful sitting and watching your child not be able to breath for hours! Especially with all the things he has learned in school that could go wrong. Freeland had to work to not think about all the things he has studied! The nurse was a serious blessing!

Here is our room .. which I LOVED:



view of the bay (took it on a couldy day so not the best) but it was awesome to see the sunrise and sunset everyday!

the wreath my mom had sent to the hospital

River meeting Wylder for the first time

getting to see mommy again

Then all our sweet friends came to celebrate and meet Wylder


Olivia LOVES babies!




*pretend that you see Adam & Camille, Bethany & Josh, Becky, Lauren, Sarah, & everyone else that moved in these pictures! Because I know they all wish they could have been there! Also, I forgot to get a picture of Elizabeth, Kevin & Becka! (sad!)



trying to get a family picture!






Isnt he the sweetest! I forgot how much I love having a newborn around.

Oh and gosh I seriously miss the hospital!

Phew!! Dont worry I have a TON more to share!! That was just a start! :)

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!! Yesterday was my official due date. So there was a chance we actually werent going to deliver Wylder until today & they would have shared birthdays! Thanks for sharing my mom though & letting her be up here while you are still in Texas on your birthday!! Cant wait for you to meet him!!


  1. aww! so cute! and so glad he was ok! and i can't believe they let you take all of those pictures! that's awesome! they didn't yell at you at all?! congrats on your beautiful family!

  2. I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing soooo much and I was so happy to be a part of that special day (and not sad you didn't take my pic). But, maybe you can make up for it by taking our pics when I am back there?? But, seriously all the pics were georgeous and it seemed to me that Wylder couldn't be more perfect.

  3. Your room was massive! That's so awesome. He's a precious baby! Can't wait to meet him!

  4. Love ALL of the pictures and sad that I wasn't able to be there. Congratulations again! Oh and in response to your first picture, you look amazing and look like you have quite a ways to go Miss Brooke. If I didn't love you so much I might be mad at how great you look =)

  5. Good grief, you look GORGEOUS in those pictures and he is such a handsome babe. wish we could be there. Love y'all!

  6. Oh Brooke I love the pictures!! Love y'all!

  7. Seems like we always have our children within days of each other (I had Bean and then you had had Wylder and I had August two days later). We also have the same swaddling blankets, lol! I'm glad your birthing experience went well enough and that everyone is happy and healthy now!