Friday, July 8, 2011

Rivers trip to Texas

Obviously River & Freeland had a great time in Texas. I so wish I could have been there. Especially when all the family was together. (and at our friends wedding of course!)

My step sister sent me some pictures she had .. and my aunt uploaded a few to facebook so I thought I would share all those since I wasnt there to take any pictures. Obviously, these dont have everyone of the family members in them but thats just because they are all random & what people have shared with me. (and Freeland didnt have a camera with him to take pictures)

The trip started off with a trip to my dad & tracy's house since they were going to be out of town the rest of the weekend. They hung out all day. And they got to see River in full force walking everywhere and chasing their cat! (and dont be jealous but Freeland also got to go visit Adam & Camille while he was there and see their new house and their faces!)

On Friday morning Freeland & Tracy took River to the kiddie pool down the street:

the only picture I have to prove it. I think they all had a blast. It was Rivers first time in a real kiddie pool.

After that it was off to my moms house for naps. Freelands mom also drove up to see River. And family just came by as they could.

The biggest event was probably River meeting his new cousin Eli!  Just almost exactly a year apart!



freeland juggling 2 kiddos! :)

river playing with his Grandma Rhonda



River and Uncle Paul

River and Nana

River and pop

River also got his first pair of real cowboy boots:

check those out!  their a little big .. but adorable still.

and he spent lots of time talking to me on skype. In this picture he was standing up showing everyone how he dances to mickey

and of course he was completely spoiled by his grandparents:

his first taste of blue bell ice cream.. right before bed!! Lucky kid.

Im thankful for the time, even if it was quick, that River got to spend with everyone while Freeland was at all the wedding festivities. Im not sure when we'll all be able to make it back to Texas so it was really a blessing that Free & River got to go! It always means a lot that everyone pretty much puts their lives on hold to see him. And I think he is slowly starting to recognize his family and remember them. Of course, talking on skype helps a lot! 

Thanks Allie & everyone else for sharing all the pictures!


  1. I don't know who is cuter, River or your grandfather, that picture is so adorable!

  2. Snapshots of various grandparenting techniques and activities:
    1). One takes River to the pool.
    2). Another plays trucks with him.
    3). While the third gives him ice cream.