Sunday, July 3, 2011

on their way home

a picture I forgot to post yesterday. River laughing at Freeland. typical

Thankfully, Freeland & River are finally on their way back home. The wedding was gorgeous and Freeland was thankful to be there to witness Landon getting married. River of course had a great time seeing all his grandparents & family.

But sadly, somehow their flight from DFW to Newark got re-routed to Pittsburgh instead making the first flight FOUR HOURS LONG with a 15-month old in your lap.


And the ironic part is Pittsburgh is only 2 hours from here! I could easily drive to get them & would except they wont let them off the plane & we'd still have to drive to Buffalo to go get our other car & pick up the luggage. But mostly, I cant go get them because they wont let them off the plane.

Sooo, if youre putting 2+2 together .. that means not only was the first flight 4 hours, they are also spending additional time just sitting on the plane waiting to take off again (who knows for how long) then he has the original flight to Newark! (update: what should have been a 3 hour flight officially turned into a 6.5 hour flight! yikes!)  THEEEEN Freeland has to fly from Newark to Buffalo! AND THEEEENNN drive 2 hours home.

Oh and did I mention that he is in the very back row.. in the middle seat.. between 2 people who dont speak English! (not a big deal except they dont understand when you say "sorry my son just kicked you" or "would you mind giving me the window seat so my son can bang on the wall instead of you?")


I mean, of course it could be worse. He could be stuck overnight in the airport for 4 days like our friend was. But still, I feel awful. Freeland of course says "Im just thankful to get time with River & hate that I dont know how to make him happy or not feel restless just sitting here."  (if it were me I would probably just sit and start balling crying for the remainder of the day)

Regardless, they're on their way home & I cannot wait to see both their faces!!!!!!!

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