Friday, July 1, 2011

on NOT having a baby name

by Puremotif

Here's the deal. For those who dont know, I had originally read the name River before and thought it was an awesome boys name. Freeland however wasnt so sure about it the entire time I was pregnant. So it really wasnt an option in my mind even though it was my favorite. And as you may remember we went back and forth and back again never coming up with a name that we both loved. Then when we got to the hospital all the sudden he said "you know what, River is growing on me! I actually really like it now" So after about 2 days of River not having a name we finally both decided on River and havent thought twice about it since. I cant say that everybody was as thrilled as we were. But we are the parents and we loved it. I cant picture him with any of the other names we thought about now.

Also, a few of you asked about Freeland's name & where it came from. It is a family name from his moms side of the family. And its actually his middle name but its the only name he has ever gone by. His family has some pretty awesome names. (growing up in the country does that you know!) Before I even met him, and had just heard of him from friends, I LOVED his name. And I love that Ive never met another Freeland before.

AND, as many of you have noticed we have this little theme going on with our names. Although, it was never our intention to do this.. trust me:

Brooke: which means water or small stream. (obviously)
FreeLAND: which means from the free land. (obviously)
River: which means a body of water. (again, obviously)

and actually this is hilarious: my mom just looked up what our last name means and Ackley literally  means "meadow of oak tress"or "to dwell at the oak tree meadow"

HOW APPROPRIATE?! Crazy huh. We seriously didnt know all of our names, including our last name, had this little theme to it. So even though its a little tempting to keep it going we wont. It just feels like a little toooo much. you know? (ie: we probably wont name our son Lake, Skylar, etc.)

And back to my point, we still dont have a name. 19 days out. It drives us nuts. I really wish we werent this way! We both like a variety of names but none of them feel like a right fit. Or there are a few I love but they just dont work with his brothers name being River. (example: Hudson.. because of the Hudson River) However, as I mentioned for Fathers Day I told Freeland he was free to pick our sons name. Which I believe was the sweetest thing Ive ever done. (just kidding) But seriously, Freeland has some unique names up his sleeve so Im curious to see what we end up on.  I'll ask him if I can share some of the names.

So here's to hoping we come up with one or miraculously walk into the hospital and love one like last time!



  1. How about Crymia as the new babies name??

  2. Now I'm curious...what is Freeland's FIRST name? :P

  3. Free's first name is John. :)

    I guess that would have been helpful to share too! ha

    And bring on the recommendations .. we'll take any and all of them!

  4. Mark has a good 50's sound to it. ;-)

  5. "Crymia" made me laugh out loud! Great line. Good luck with the name. Can't wait to see what y'all decide!

  6. A play or take off of FreeLAND
    Landry John
    Landon John

  7. I like the Landon/Landry idea. Some other ideas -- Canyon, Jasper, Ridge. I also think Forrest is a great name... but that might be too obvious with the nature theme.

  8. Jasper reminds me of Twilight (cringe). I like Forrest, I went to school with one. Hunter? Harvest? I used to babysit a Harvest, I always thought that was a cool name. His older sister was Meadow.

  9. I like the name Callum for a boy. It means dove, or peace. We almost used it on Bela, SO CLOSE, but at the last minute, decided on Bela.


    What about North? Zach's always liked that name.


    Cale? (a variation of Caleb, wonderful meaning.)

    Eero? (finnish version of eric, pronounced like arrow.)

    Munro? (like the author of the kids book ferdinand.)

    Nemo? I love LOVE the name Nemo. I met a cute little ten year old boy at Barton Springs in Austin and fell in love with his name. His was a variation of Nehemiah, or a nickname...

    Hugh or it's variations? (Hugo, Ugo, Hughes.)

    Keats? like the poet...


    Hannan? I LOVE the name Hannan for a boy. I knew one briefly, a long time ago.

    Thelonious? like Thelonious Monk. Call him Theo?

    Just some names off of the top of my head that we've thought of over the years.

    If I think of anymore I'll perhaps let you know. But perhaps I've bombarded you already. Good luck!

  10. I hope you share some of your 'discarded' names after you choose!

  11. how about Rowan! River & Rowan :)

  12. or.. David.. Zachary.. Nicholas.. or Jonny
    I like Zachary David Alexander

  13. Stone? ;) I'm still stuck on the theme I think

  14. Leif is a cool name. Leif Erickson was a famous viking.

  15. how about Reed Ackley? love that name...and it goes with the whole nature theme:o)

  16. I love Ridge or Reed! So cute. I also like Jaxon like Jackson or Jaxton.
    Good luck!
    xoxo, Ashley

  17. keefer, kase, or kerr (the K's looked like fun).