Monday, July 11, 2011

a new discovery

this weekend we happened to pull up some pictures of Freeland when he was younger.

As you all know, River looks just like Freeland. Its all I hear. And I agree! So I was not shocked when I saw these pictures and thought the same thing again:


(maybe just a chunkier version of River? :)


I think this is what River will soon look like as he gets older.

and the infamous "big boy" picture:


I dont think I ever realized how "reddish" Freelands hair was until I saw these pictures again. Rivers hair was the same color when he was born but now that Rivers hair is A LOT lighter than that it got me thinking and I looked at my baby pictures to see how light my hair was. (for the record, Freelands lightened up a lot but just not at this age)

and thats when we discovered that while River looks like Freeland he also looks JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!!

Score! I played a part in this thing!

see that nose. see that blonde hair. see that wedgie! (just kidding)

umm that pacifier is bigger than my face I think.


river makes this face all the time


Okay, I just have to point out again that my nose is the same exact nose as Freeland's baby pictures! And the same nose that River has. Obviously, now our noses look nothing alike - but at one point.. they did!

its strange to talk about a nose so much.

you're welcome Jason.

maybe he gets his mad skills with basketballs from me too?? (Dont worry, Im aware that Im holding a football and not a basketball in this picture. Im also aware that Im standing in the front yard in my underwear?!)

and my last ditch effort attempt to show that River also looks like me when I was young..
this is definitely the face he makes when he is throwing a fit! Seriously!

So, isnt it crazy how your child can look like BOTH of you? (thats sarcasm!) I think River looks like Freeland 100% of the time but seeing pictures of myself as a child made me realize that there are moments he also looks like me too. Im sure it will always be changing too! But its still fun to see.

And, in NINE DAYS we get to see what his lil' pumpkin of a brother will look like! I cannot wait!


  1. Oh my goodness those pictures are awesome - and as Russ would say, "River has some of Freeland and some of Brooke!" :)

    OMG 9 days?! It's flown by! We can't wait to meet River's younger brother!

  2. May I just say how amazing Freeland's jumper in that first picture is? The yarn is what makes it.

    9 days, oh my. I guess I better get on that package I was supposed to send months ago. I am so excited for you guys!

  3. Are you kidding me? Is that a Chunky Freeland proudly donning a Raggedy Andy uniform. Thanks, Rhonda:)