Saturday, July 2, 2011

growing like a weed

River amazes us everyday with the things he is starting to pick up. (like all kids his age)

I just realized as I was writing this that as of today he is officially 15 months old! Boom!

wearing scrubs like his daddy. eating his morning waffle and watching the cats fight.

Its funny seeing the things he naturally does (like sticking out his lips when he is frustrated, thinking, or working hard.. no idea where he gets it from). I love watching the little boy he is becoming. He is definitely a "rough & tough" boy that LOVES wrestling with dad. But I still think he can be super sensitive at times. Who knows. He's always surprising us.


He's a full time walker now. Pretty much given up on crawling. It makes playing outside much easier but I miss him crawling around.

Tantrums are still happening. And funny.  PS: for those who asked to see the video of him throwing a fit I uploaded it here ... Im a mean mom. (pps: we finished buckling his car seat right after he finished. not to worry!)  And just to redeem myself, here is a video of him having a pillow fight with Freeland (his favorite) and cracking up.


We're S-L-O-W-L-Y moving to 1 nap. I wanted to avoid it (I like 2 naps) but he is definitely ready so Im really trying to push him to get adjusted to it before baby #2 gets here. He's done pretty well. But some days still needs 2 or needs to at least lay down and "rest" for a while in his crib to just get a break.

Speaking of sleeping.. River cracks us up because not only does he just roll around in his crib FOREVER when he is going to sleep .. he is also moving non-stop in his sleep. Every time I check he is in a new position or corner of his bed. Hopefully he never wants to climb in our bed because Im pretty sure Id wake up every 10 minutes with his feet in my face. 

Also, my favorite is how he lays his head down on our shoulder now when he's tired. Its so sweet.


He weighs 24 pounds. (we weigh him at all of my doctor appointments! :)  But I swear he feels A LOT heavier than that. Im so used to the little skinny munchkin of a baby we had who barely fit on the charts so Im constantly thinking "where did this kid come from?"  He is thick and "solid" for sure.

Oh and his hair is slowly turning white. Its all white underneath. Im curious to see if the white stays or not! 


And probably the biggest thing is all the words he is all the sudden saying.  So far these are the things he says the most:

Daddy (funny he doesnt say dada?)
Ball - his favorite
Balloon - second favorite
Bath - third favorite
Bubbles- fourth favorite!
Book - You get the point. He's in a "b" phase!
Night night
No - you could say this is a favorite too!
Milk - Sounds like nii though
Mickey - sounds like nini
Hi or heeeeey
Uh oh - adorable!!
Thank You

Obviously, some of those he doesnt say all the time. There are other things he will say as he is good at repeating things.. but when it comes to words he says on his own I think those are most of them.


and in 18 days he will be a big brother! crazy.


  1. Ohh the fit video was so sad... I dont think I would have believed little River could be so mad if I hadnt seen that video... he's always so chill! The pillow fight- AWESOME!

  2. I love when Carter lays his head on my shoulder! This is the best age, tantrums and all ;)

  3. hey girl... channing says several words but not this many and i talk to her, read to her work wth her a lot... any tricks??