Monday, July 18, 2011

family weekend

Freeland was able to come home again this weekend so we tried to get as much done as possible and still enjoy our time as a family of three.

First we went to the annual Cherry Festival. We normally go on Saturday so we can see the parade but it was still fun to go on a Friday evening. I think Rivers favorite part was getting to just walk around the park and run around.


mini freeland. I love that their making the same face.


first taste of cherry pie. He loved it.



Saturday we woke up early and headed to Cracker Barrel. Dont ask. For some reason its what I wanted. Well, specifically the breakfast sandwich is what I wanted. And Im pretty sure we spoiled River again with pancakes and then playing with every toy in the store he wanted!


ps: that wasnt all our food. They brought out extra stuff because they got our order wrong. :)


After naps we did lots of fun things like run errands, make list, organize furniture and junk around the house. All necessary things. But the most exciting part was we finally put finishing touches on the baby room. Its also going to remain our guest bedroom so it was a little tricky making it all work. But we are both happy with how it turned out. Here's a preview of the projects Freeland did:

we made a little board with burlap over the babies bed. I love how it turned out.

And that night we went out on a HOT date to go see Harry Potter. (so goooooood.)

Sunday was mixed with running errands again, enjoying the samples at sams, cleaning, organizing, and me napping. Honestly, I think Freeland has done the nesting for both of us! I was useless. 

But the most exciting part was getting to tour the hospital where I'll be having baby #2. We are going to be at a different hospital this time & lets just say I LOOOVE it. And if you have the chance to tour your hospital and dont you are missing out. They show you so much more than you would normally see during your stay. And its just fun. I was also thankful River got to come with us.

River running around the hospital playing.

It was a great mix of knocking out things on the to-do list but also enjoying time together. I should say that half the weekend I was a grumpy prego lady. So it wasnt all peaches the entire time. But we made the best of it. I kept finding myself stopping and trying to just take in all the moments & enjoy giving River all of our attention. Sweet memories. And Im excited to expand our family and have time together as a family of 4 now!


  1. That sounds like it was a wonderful weekend!! We love going for the Sam-ples at Sam's - the kids call that "pre-lunch" LOL!

  2. What hospital are you delivering at? Best wishes to you tomorrow! It will be such an amazing day!


  3. Hey brenna! We're at the new Hamot women's center. Thankfully with the same doctor :) he just switched hospitals! But we love it! ;)