Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1 day at a time

One of Rivers favorite places to play these days is IN the basket:



However, getting out isnt always easy




Freeland finally made it home. Unpacked. Celebrated the 4th. Re-packed. And headed out at 5:00 this morning for another away rotation.

He'll be away this month but only about 2 hours away so thankfully if I were to go into labor (which I dont think I will) he can drive home. Actually being able to get my phone call to let him know Im in labor would be a different question though! :)

The 4th was good. I have no pictures. Really, we didnt do anything. (Erie didnt have their firework show) So we ran errands, got organized, took River to his first pet store (more on that later but to clarify it was just to look at the puppies because he loves them! Not to bring one home! :), Freeland did yard work, and then we grilled out. Oh and we finished the day off with milkshakes. Low key & nice.

I'm counting down the next 15 days until my mom gets here & the baby arrives! And I'm saying lots of prayers for grace, patience, and miraculous energy! My plan is to take it one day at a time because truth be told Im exhausted & achy. We both decided that I should just stay home as much as possible with River & avoid getting out. Reason being .. the kid is crazy. Just kidding. kinda. So we'll be here going on walks, playing in the backyard, and doing everything possible to keep River entertained on my own.. and taking it one day at a time trying to embrace every last minute where River can have my full attention.

PS: thanks for all the ideas on names! Im loving all of them. ESPECIALLY "Crymia" (cry-me-a .. like Cry me a River!) Hilarious!


  1. We had the same type of day yesterday. Loved it! So.... River is getting a pet?!?!?!

  2. oh goodness .. no new pets here. He just LOOOOVES animals (dogs especially) and we were at the mall where they have a pet store. He was instantly in love with all the puppies. Thankfully he doesnt realize its an option to take them home right now! :)

    Glad yall had a great day!