Monday, June 13, 2011

well, obviously

we're thrilled!

whether you have watched the Mavericks for the last 30 years or just watched them for the first time last night - its exciting!!

Mavs Fan

River is currently taking a nap in his uniform and will be wearing it going forward to show off how proud he is.

My dad & Tracy planned a last second trip to Miami so they could watch the game in person! (I think when you have had season tickets for pretty much 30 years its worth traveling to see them finally win the finals in person!) I was thrilled they got to see them win! They spent the entire weekend being called out as "mavs fans" in a sea of miami fans so how awesome it must have been to be surrounded by all of them and watch the Mavericks win. You can see their pictures over there on my twitter links! (they had an awesome Dirk sign right behind the mavs bench & they also got interviewed by and NBA TV! I know they were loving it!) 

While we watched them win, I couldn't decide if I was more excited for Dirk, Kidd, or my dad & brother! (and I love that Dirk ran .. I mean BOLTED.. off the court to celebrate and then came back!)

Now, I promise to stop bombarding you with post about how much River 'loves' the mavericks. 

You're welcome.

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