Wednesday, June 29, 2011

today is the day

Freeland has worked so hard and prepared a ton and the day has finally arrived!

He is currently taking Step 2 of his boards!

(the first part was last May right after River was born)


River & I gave him a few little surprises last night to say congratulations & thanks for all his hard work, being so disciplined, and somehow finding a perfect balance to make lots of time for us as well. Quite the accomplishment if you ask me.


One of the surprises was an iDad card. See, Freeland has been drooling over an iPad for a while now so we made him a card that looked like an iPad but instead had sweet little messages under the "apps"


(idea originally found here)  He loved it.

although, it was funny because when he pulled out the envelope that said "iDad" (made to look like an iPad case) he almost jumped out of his pants because for .0005 seconds he thought it was in fact an iPad! I dont know if that was a mean joke or if it just means that we did a good job making the card!?


I will personally be so happy when these are over. So I know he will too because he's the one who has had to sit in front of books, lectures, videos, etc for hours & hours studying the last year. I cant imagine. And tonight we will celebrate by eating lots of pizza & relaxing! Living the dream!

THEN tomorrow morning, Freeland is jumping on a plane and heading to Texas for a dear friends wedding!

DID I MENTION HE IS TAKING RIVER??? AND I AM STAYING HERE??? (seeing as baby #2 will be here in 20 days we felt it best that I not fly.. and especially to a place where the weather is 100+ degrees! :)  So Freeland decided he wanted to take River with him. Alone. On a 3+ hour flight. Im not sure if its the sweetest thing ever or the craziest thing ever! But we felt like it was important for River to get time with the family in Texas. And Freeland loved the idea of giving me a few days to sleep. Kind of like a baby-moon that people take .. but a mommy-moon?! Thats a stretch. I know.

Then he gets back Sunday and heads to Warren, OH for a rotation there. Crazy times people. I love it.

PS: we had our sonogram yesterday! I'll scan the pictures and upload them ASAP. He's a cutie I tell ya!


  1. Praying for Freeland today and excited for your mommy-moon. =) Enjoy!

  2. Oh enjoy your time alone! And maybe a pedicure. Sounds like a nice few days to me! ;)

  3. I'm thinking about you guys and praying for Freeland today!! Miss you!

  4. WOW! That is really sweet of him. I am sure they'll enjoy some fun daddy/son time. Make sure you sleep, sleep, sleep!!