Wednesday, June 22, 2011


randomly 2 weeks ago I closed the dishwasher after I finished the dishes and not .0000001 seconds later River was SCREAMING. As if he just fell down the stairs or something (not that we know what that cry sounds like?! maybe we do)

and that was the day my son started throwing tantrums.

All because he wasnt done playing with the dishes.


And now its escalated into getting frustrated when: his drink in his sippy cup is gone, you put him in his car seat, you tell him he gets to take a bath but stop first to take off his diaper, you close the trash can so he cant throw his toys in it, you take him upstairs in the middle of when he was playing .. and the list goes on.

I can seriously remember sitting in his room when he was a baby thinking there was no way that he would ever be capable of acting like this. (and by 'like this' I mean a normal child!) And obviously I was just a tired, delirious, first time mom.

I have the video to prove that my once "perfect" child is now a toddler. Ive sent it to my family so they could see what THEIR grandson was doing. (of course they all responded by letting me know I never did that .. :)

The video is funny though. While Im trying to offer River more of his drink that he ran out of (which we didnt actually have more. what was I thinking?) Freeland is telling him to think about all the things in life he has to be thankful for!

We're embracing it. And thankfully for now they are small and short lived. And Im actually thankful IF they were going to start it started now & not after baby #2 gets here.. otherwise I would have thought he was just responding to all the change. Instead I just think he is a toddler who knows what he wants and just has to learn how to express it or express that he is frustrated.

However, he has learned to give kisses now so he's making up for the sporadic tantrums pretty quickly:

nothing like slobbery open mouth kisses from your kids.


  1. I love reading your blog, b/c our boys go through the same stages. It helps make me feel better. ; ) You are a wonderful mom and River is awesome! Good luck with number 2!

  2. o man we are there too girl!! :( stinks. but a little funny too. we have to hide our faces a lot. :)

  3. chloe is doing the same exact thing, in almost all the same places you mentioned!!! the diaper/off/before/bath one is especially bad. also when i take her OUT of the bath, that's a major fit.

    glad to know our kids are normal and we are both going through the same thing!