Thursday, June 30, 2011

pictures of Baby #2

Bright and early on Tuesday morning we went and finally got to take a peek at our son! River came along. It was cute & sounded like he said baby and brother once .. but trust me, he has no idea whats going on.

So first things first, here is our son:

Baby #2

The sonographer tried so hard to get good pictures, but as she said herself, the poor guy is JAMMED completely against the wall of the uterus. So he is definitely squished in there. Poor guy.

Baby #2

The second they turned the 4D on we immediately thought he looked just like River. But the more we saw him the more we werent sure. Its just hard to tell which features are squished and everything. Also, the ambilical cord is right next to his mouth (making it look like something was in his mouth or like his lips were mis-shaped.) And like River, his hand was in the way.

Baby #2

And of course, he moves ALL-THE-TIME. Except for while we are at the doctor! :)

But gosh, he is already adorable to me! 

Baby #2

That nose and those lips! I die. Seriously, Im thankful we only have 20 days to go because I couldnt wait much longer to meet him!

Baby #2

Here are some pictures of River right around the same time to compare them to:




The sonographer guessed that he weights right around 6lbs 2 oz. (which is the 50th percentile) And Im measuring right on track. I only have 1 appointment left and then its go time!

I would describe how I feel as: ready. ready to meet him. ready to pop, ready to not be pregnant. ready to hold a newborn. ready to be in the hospital. ready to hopefully one day have my body back. ready to introduce River to him. ready to see Freeland as a new dad all over again. just ready love & squeeze him.

THIS MORNING: Freeland & River left for their "guys weekend". I cried like a baby. Ive never been apart from River like this. And for 100 different reasons I wasnt ready to be apart from Freeland right now either. Dont get me wrong, it was amazing to lay down for a nap without a monitor next to me for the first time in 15 months. But I miss my boys.


  1. The picture at 3:19:42 (second from the last) is one of the most serene, peaceful, and absolutely adorable sonograms I have viewed.
    And as one of 12 kids, who all have nearly that many themselves (mom died and left 99 grandkids...easily 20 have arrived since), I have viewed more than my fair share of these shots.

    Like Camille and Adam, you and Freeland have been an important part of our community.
    Your willingness to try new things and give positive commentary on Erie, PA make you an awesome citizen producer.

    Do not think this is a family affair.
    Our entire town celebrates with you, and with pride for all you contribute in a positive fashion.

    This is a long standing family-oriented town, and you have settled into a marvelous part of it.

    With luck, Freeland will be at UPMC or St. Vincent or even the Shriners, but even if you must one day children are citizens of Erie, PA forever.
    As parents, you guys are honorary citizens.

    Keep posting on our town as you always do.
    Many more are praying for your success, and health, and family, than you would ever dream.

    You are a good influence, Brooke, on your spouse, children, family (I like how you brag up your dad....a great daughter-thing to do!) and on all who have come to know you through your writing.

    We are proud to have you, and all will celebrate the newest citizen here soon.

    God bless you abundantly.
    Danny Lucas

    Thursday, June 30, 2011 8:29:54 PM

  2. I can't wait to meet your little guy! I know it's tough being away from your boys but I will say it again, REST! REST! REST! Love you Brooke!

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