Friday, June 24, 2011

The Erie Zoo

well, we did it. We bought our first membership somewhere as a family.

We're now proud owners of a season pass at the zoo.

I officially feel like a parent.

But its SO worth it. River LOVES the zoo. And its ex-spen-sive if we want to do it more than a few times this summer so it was definitely worth getting the pass. I actually never realized how much there was to do at the zoo here. (I just kept comparing it to the Waco Zoo which is AWESOME so I kinda missed the great things the Erie Zoo has to offer too) But they have lots of "adventure" areas for kids, a train, activities, etc.

Here are LOTS of pictures of River enjoying the zoo. (not so many pictures of the actual zoo! sorry. next time I'll work on that)



yes, we are those parents that forgot to put shoes on our child before we went to the zoo. thankfully he had socks on. 

Also, please note: his zipper is down too. We-are-nailing-it!





he loved the giraffe.

but he REALLY loved when Freeland made the animal noises the most.




the zoo
the polar bear.

playing with the train table inside one of the kids areas


checkin out more lizards and reptiles

the train

the zoo
looking at the penguins


the zoo

checkin out the monkeys

The other nice thing about a season pass is that we can go for just 30 minutes to an hour and not feel guilty leaving or that we didn't see the entire zoo! Love it.  Im pretty sure once Baby #2 is here River is going to get LOTS of trips to the zoo! :)


  1. You should look into it but I believe your zoo pass is good at any zoo. When our niece and nephews came from MI they used their zoo pass from a zoo in Grand Rapids and were able to get in (plus gave Josh and I a discount ticket). If you'd be up for it you could even venture to the Cleveland zoo or visit a zoo when you are back in Texas. Not 100% sure on this but you could look into it. =)

  2. You are right, it's not the best zoo in the world but yes you can go and walk around and stay as long as you'd like and not spend all day. And still have a nice time and the kids see animals and learn. Some Zoos it takes half hr just to walk out of and then to get your can and drive out and that's a bit much! The Erie Zoo you will find is perfect and comfortable for visits with a little one and a baby...

  3. I meant to say car...

  4. We just moved from Erie to Houston and our Erie zoo pass got us into the Houston zoo until it expired. The Erie zoo is just a perfect size for the city. The pass didn't work at the Fort Worth zoo though. Houston and ft. Worth both have great zoos.

  5. I've been to that zoo, YAY! Just so you know, belonging to the Erie zoo gets you into both the LA zoo and the San Diego zoo here in California. However, if you live in california and belong to ONE of those zoos, you can't get into the other one. How weird is that?