Tuesday, June 21, 2011

daddys day

Fathers Day was great. Freeland is in the middle of studying for boards (which are next week!) so we tried to balance enjoying the day with him also feeling productive studying.

Fathers Day 2011

I woke up early and grabbed him breakfast (with strawberry milk! chello!) Food is not his love language .. as I have learned by trial & error .. so that was about all I did food wise for him. :)

Then we went to church, came home put River down for a nap, (happy fathers day - he actually took a good nap!) and Freeland studied. Once River was up Freeland finally got to open his gifts. (he had to wait because I had yet to wrap them!)

River drew him his first picture ever. With crayons and everything.

Fathers Day 2011

After all that we decided to go out to the peninsula to cook out & enjoy the amazing weather.  (instead of going to the Strawberry Fest like we originally planned on doing) And we of course made a pit stop at Sarah's for milkshakes and ice cream on the way home.

I'd say it turned out to be a great day celebrating & reminding Freeland what a great Dad/husband he is. Both our little boys a lucky to have him as their father.

Fathers Day 2011


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  2. glam media, boombastic! You go, B-friend! Tantrums are fun.