Tuesday, June 14, 2011

bump update

its official.

in 5 weeks we will be meeting baby #2. Unless he decides to surprise us JULY 20th IS THE DATE!

All the paperwork is signed & we are registered and ready to go at the hospital!

"I cannot believe it!" -->that was for Freeland. He knows what Im talkin' bout. 

26 weeks

I had my doctors appointment this morning. Im very thankful because my doctor said since Im "such an expert" (ha) at this I only need to come every 3 weeks instead of every 2. So thats what I have been doing. Its a HUGE help because I dont have to find someone to watch River or coordinate that as often as I would. Somehow, I have made it this entire pregnancy with only having to find someone to watch River once during an appointment! And after the next appointment I start going weekly.

27 weeks
(ignore the writing at the bottom. I had a picture to compare this to but it didnt upload)

They did tell me that Im slightly anemic. Which explains why Im all the sudden SO tired again. Like, fall on my face tired. But its nothing a little extra iron wont help so I should be good to go.  Im feeling good for the most part.  The pain I was having a couple weeks ago (which the doctor described as my bone "cracking" .. lovely) I dont really feel as much! Thats a huge blessing. Im uncomfortable sleeping but it normally only takes trying out a few different positions and im good.

28 weeks

28 weeks2
(at least to me they look different! :)

She told me today that Im measuring small. I have a hard time believing this as I feel way larger than I did with River & my belly button is popping out already and it never did with River. My stomach is also rock hard already. I have a hunch if she measured again she would see differently.

29 weeks

One thing I realized is that I havent had any braxton hicks contractions! Im pretty sure I started getting them right about now with River. (even though I didnt know what they were) The doctor said if I got them with River I will most likely have them again and have even more of them. So its funny to me that I havent yet. Im fine with it because they feel like such a tease! Make you think somethings could happen when it most likely isnt! :)

30 weeks

My weight is the same as it was the first time. Which is actually surprising to me because Im not eating nearly as much junk/sweets as I was last time.. and I wont even mention how much chocolate milk I drank last time! But I guess it doesnt matter - the weight is all the same no matter what I eat I guess!

I havent made it to the Y as much as I would like the last 2 weeks. Im always out of breath these days so it makes working out not enjoyable. Still walking sloooooooow but Im walking so Im glad! I should probably drink more water because I can slowly see the puffiness coming on.

31 weeks

One thing I think that stands out the most about this pregnancy vs. my last is my emotions/attitude. (this is also probably because I feel tired a lot too) I am constantly wanting to throw myself a pity party, constantly feeling frustrated, constantly could pick apart anything and find something wrong with it. Its horrible because obviously I dont really feel this way and it isnt my heart. Thankfully I can normally stop and see that Im being a big ol baby. But I definitely dont enjoy that it takes work to feel & think positively at points. And in summary - poor Freeland. Honestly, he is the one who has to hear about all of it. Bless that man.

(*to clarify! I feel extremely positive about this baby, our life, and our family. Its the meaningless dumb things that I tend to focus on & pick apart .. like "poor me, I got the last spot in the parking lot & have to walk a long way" yes, its that stupid.  

32 weeks2

Overall, there are days that are hard keeping up with River.. but there are more days that are easy. (relatively speaking of course) Its funny how quickly Ive already forgotten about the nausea and what that felt like the first 20+ weeks. (in bold to remind myself how long it lasted!)  Its all going by so fast & feels like a blur. But I feel incredibly thankful that we have made it this far, our hearts are ready, and the timing is working itself out. I cannot can-not cannnnnnot wait to meet him.

33 weeks

Oh - and the one thing I meant to write about I forgot! We still dont have a name. With River we at least had names we liked. This time .. NOTHING. Well, Freeland has names he likes. But those are all still questionable! :) So we need to seriously buckle down and get that solved asap.  Goodness.

34 weeks

Sorry again for just all the pictures from my phone. Im just really proud of myself for remembering to take them even if Im in work out clothes in the majority of them! :)

Phew - I think thats everything! If you actually read all that Im SUPER impressed!


  1. you look amazing! I kept thinking in EVERY picture "ohmigosh! She is so small!" BOOM!

  2. Love your update!! And love your outfits! You are too cute!

  3. Great update! He's going to be here soon!!! So excited for ya!!

  4. i read it all! and you look AMAZING. by that point i'm pretty sure matt was looking at me like "um, who are you and why did you eat my wife?"

    can't wait to "meet" (via your blog) your boy!!!

  5. our baby is coming july 15th! love knowing the end is so close...can't wait to hear what yall name him!

  6. You look great! Can't believe he'll be here so soon! I have a niece due the 25th so it's an exciting month!