Monday, June 27, 2011

bump bump bump

look at me .. not waiting another 2 months to post an update on the bump!

Here are some updated pictures. Im ending my 36th week and pretty much at 37 weeks now.

Officially we have 3 weeks and 2 days (or 23 days!) left to go!

33 weeks

The braxton hicks contractions have started. They arent too crazy or intense at this point. I feel like the baby is dropping but I might be making that up in my head just to make myself feel better. I still cant breath very well so maybe he hasnt moved at all!  Some days I feel like I have barely any room left to eat and other days I feel like I cant stop eating. In the end I feel like Im just ready to not be pregnant anymore! :)

34 weeks

Taking iron seems to have helped. I still have days where Im exhausted but overall I think its better. Oh & I dont think I ever mentioned, but with this pregnancy I can finally keep down my prenatal vitamins! With River, I couldnt stomach them.. the entire 9 months. So thats exciting. However, I do have to take them at night (same with the Iron) or I feel nauseous.

35 weeks

We have our last sonogram tomorrow morning! I cannot wait. It feels like its been forever since we have seen him. Even though it was the same amount of time with River (actually its been a shorter amount of time!) it feels like a much longer stretch that we have been waiting to get a little peek him! I'll definitely post the pictures once we have them. I cant wait to see if they resemble each other or not! I also cant wait to see how much they guess that he weighs.

36 weeks

And as far as a name goes, its probably no surprise that we still dont have one. On Fathers Day I told Freeland one of his gifts could be that he gets to choose the name. He figured out pretty quickly that Im happy to hand "the gift of naming the baby" over to him because I have zero ideas and cant think of anything. But still, it was nice of me right?? I may live to regret it. Freeland has some pretty unique names that he likes. But we'll see what happens! I'll write more about that later!

36 weeks

I think I should have been better at cleaning off our mirror before I took all these pictures. But oh well.

I feel like I can barely walk. Its been the biggest blessing having Freeland home to help with River .. just practically carrying him around or up the stairs helps a lot! We'll see what happens when he leaves next week! Yikes! Im also running out of clothes that fit & getting to where I wear the same thing all the time. But, really I do that whether Im pregnant or not so I dont have an excuse. All our families flights up here have officially been booked! Well, most, at least the ones who are able to make it are booked. Their all taking turns coming so we have help! I cant wait!!

okay .. 23 days! Bring it.