Thursday, June 9, 2011

the birthday festivities

back at the end of May I celebrated my 28th birthday.

Freeland was still in Cleveland for the month so as soon as he got off work he drove home and we started the celebrations.

First step, gifts. Then, babysitter. Then, dinner. Then, cake. 

opening cards from family

a birthday card from River. He writes really well for his age

a card from freeland.

which I couldnt read his handwriting

so he had to read it to me:

ha! He actually has good handwriting but when he is writing fast it becomes really tiny and hard to read. He even got stuck a few times!

And just because we have the pictures to prove it .. here is a typical scene anytime my birthday rolls around in our house as I opened my gift from Freeland:

My reaction to the gift:

my "i cant believe you did this & while Im thankful.. Im definitely going to return this" face

his reaction:

his "im such a great husband and willing to do anything for you & Im determined to talk you into keeping it" face.

After gifts were opened we went out to dinner to celebrate Camille's birthday too since she would be gone on the actual day. Adam surprised her with dinner plans that night & the Lynne's joined us too. We went to the new restaurant in Erie. It was fabulous

and I love that our birthdays are so close together.

(the only not blurry picture I have)

then we came home and had more ice cream cake. (I love it so much I went and got it for myself that day!) It was a great birthday. Spent with family, friends, and eating lots of food. Just the way I like it.

THEN one of my besties surprised me and came in the next weekend to celebrate my birthday! It was such an awesome surprise and SO fun having her here. Sadly, I literally only took 10 pictures the entire weekend! But we had a blast enjoying the great weather & showing her around Erie (all the parts she missed last time she was here .. like THE LAKE!)

the only picture I have of us together from the weekend.

she loves River .. and obviously he LOVED her.

we kicked off the weekend by doing BBQ outside with friends to welcome her to Erie

boys playing some silly game outside



enjoying the rest of the night outside eating smores & making up ridiculous games!

and thats all the pictures I have to show Crystals trip to Erie. It really was a blast having her here & so sad when she left.

I feel blessed to have such great friends that are willing to travel all the way up here to visit us! It was such a refreshing weekend!

ps: In the end the gift was returned for those curious. We both agreed it was best. But dont worry, I still had other gifts I kept! Im not that stupid.


  1. yes! you left us hanging! is it top secret?!

  2. ok... so i read your blog... found it from Fab k.... but i know Crystal.... her sister Misti and I are great friends.... what a stinkin small world... CRAZY!