Friday, June 10, 2011

the beach

we finally ventured out & took River back to the peninsula/beach the other weekend. (which is all of 3 minutes from our house! Its sad we dont go more often!)

I had been waiting so Freeland could go with us.

And for some reason I was super curious to see if he would like it. He did last summer but he was a baby. You always hear stories about kiddos hating the sand on their feet and things like that. And River seems to hate his hands being dirty so I wasnt sure.

Thankfully, that wasnt the case for River. He loved it. Actually, he loved it more than he likes going to the park so far!

IMG_1021-2 copy

IMG_1030-2 copy

IMG_1042-2 copy

IMG_1050-2 copy

taking him out to see the lake:

IMG_1056-2 copy

IMG_1105-2 copy

IMG_1093-2 copy

only problem: the water is FREEZING in the lake still so he absolutely hated having his feet in it.

IMG_1090-2 copy

IMG_1080-2 copy

IMG_1038-2 copy

IMG_1085-2 copy

after that we made a mandatory stop at Sarah's.. the cute little hamburger place on the peninsula & shared burgers, fries, and a peanut butter shake. Im pretty sure it was no shock that River refused to take a nap that afternoon! 


  1. He is too cute! Looks like he really enjoyed the beach... well the sand! hehe I don't think anyone's a huge fan of icy cold water. ;)

    Have a great week!

    Happy blogging,
    Austyn :)

  2. My Carter hates the sand :( We've been to the beach a few times and he just cries and wants to be held. He's not a huge fan of the water either hahaha Hopefully the lake will warm up soon and River will get a chance to enjoy it!