Friday, June 3, 2011

4 years goes by fast

I seriously cannot believe it was 4 years ago that I wrote this post:

Adam & Cam Secede from the South

(seriously, look at the post! we look so young.) 

Crazy Times! And now here we are .. telling them bye again .. as they go back to Texas.

Never would I have thought at the time we would have also ended up in Erie! Freeland & I weren't even married yet! He had just finished the MCAT and hadnt started applying to med school yet! I definitely never would have believed we would both have 2 little boys now! And that we would get to go through all this together! Now look where we all are! And we're all even closer than before.

Im just thankful we've had all this time together. (what a blessing to be able to be here when they found out they were pregnant both times, and at the hospital when both their boys were born, and to walk along side them as they prayed and made the decision for residency, and all the festivals, wine trips, cook outs, birthdays, girls groups... the list goes on!) And I cannot express how thankful I am that if they had to move away - they at least went back to Texas .. and Ft. Worth! We will definitely get to see them every time we are home!

Like last time, here are some pictures from this last weekend we all had together. Instead of laying out at the pool like we were in Waco.. we were celebrating Adam graduating from Medical School & helping pack up shop!

while they were at graduation we shoe polished Adams car... GOT HIM!

proof it wasnt just me


this is how doctor's dance in case you wondered.

time to celebrate!

not quite ready to retire per say buuut we went with what we had

Id love to tell you he was writing a prescription or something .. but he was on facebook :)




River packing a box .. OR unpacking it! Most likely unpacking.



which was dropped on the floor! but it still tasted great.

boys playing on the air mattress


saying bye that night :(

Then the next morning we went back over one last time to squeeze in as much time with them as we could .. and to try to help load last minute things.

this is what Henry did while everyone packed. He LOVED the ramp


telling River to get ready to say bye

River & Elliot playing with the balloons.

one last picture in front of their cute little first home before they officially headed back to Texas!

I should mention this time we werent just telling Adam & Camille bye. We were telling an entire handful of our friends bye. Long story short,  it was an emotional week. Even though I could easily throw myself a pity party Im choosing to just enjoy & celebrate that they are all starting a new exciting season of life! I really am thankful for the time Ive had with all the people here & that we have been through everything we have during this season!  And Im thankful there are still so many wonderful people here that we get to spend the next year with!  We really are blessed with amazing community up here!


  1. AWWW...well Brooke, the pressure is on you now b/c I'm off Camille's blog and on to yours to hear how "life in Erie" is for the Med school students. I love to read about the point of view, even though I am a life long Erie resident! LOL

  2. aww! amazing pictures as always! truly capturing all the moments and emotion! i even started tearing up for you guys! life is quite the journey!

  3. Erie's going to miss those guys! It's so nice to see the kind of friendship you all have with each other :-)

  4. We really miss you guys already! Thanks for the post. Lovely, lovely.

  5. Could I even count the times we have laughed about Freeland and his "Get it packed" obsession, or about Camille talking with you EVERY day, or sweet little River? They are going to REALLY miss you guys! Thanks for being such great friends!

  6. Wonderful post! Its so bitter sweet. We are happy for our friends that move on but will miss them greatly! Great pictures! So glad you're still here. :)