Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sharing the news on Baby #2

Ive been meaning to share these stories/pictures for a long time.

As you may remember, Freeland & I found out that we were pregnant ON Thanksgiving morning. And like I have said before: I will never forget sitting with the HUGE mess in the kitchen, River upstairs asleep, turkey about to go in the oven, food everywhere, preparing for a house full of guest .. just sitting on the kitchen floor with tears running down my face (happy/shocked tears) trying to comprehend what was happening. rejoicing. praying. & laughing together.

Well, there was absolutely no way we could keep this secret to ourselves like we did last time but we also wanted to make it a fun surprise so we thought about what to do. After thinking about it we decided just to call my mom & dad and tell them both then.

Im going to be a big brother

My mom & step dad got on Skype and we had River hold up a sign that said "I'm going to be a big brother!" Both just sat & stared with blank faces. Then asked if we were serious. Then they celebrated (over skype) with us! It was pretty funny since they just thought they were randomly getting on skype to see River and had no idea what was coming!

When I called my dad (at the time he didnt have skype) the plan was to somehow get both him & my step mom on the phone so I was going to tell him that River started saying "dada" and to put Tracy on so she could here too. Right when I said "guess what?" (where I was going to answer that River was talking) he just happened to respond and say "you're pregnant?"

"yep!" and he just sat there for a second. I was cracking up. I couldnt believe he just guessed it. Probably not thinking I was actually going to say yes! Then Tracy got on the phone & we all celebrated.

Then it just so happened that Freelands mom was coming in town the next week. (just like last time with River when my mom came right after we found out) SO she got to be the lucky one who found out in person! It was a special treat.

We wrapped an "early Christmas gift" for her to open. It was the picture above framed that said "Im going to be a big brother".

I'll let the pictures explain themselves because they are that good:







Hilarious right??? I think she wins this round for the most excited.

And if I remember correctly her first question was "does this mean you will also have a third??" Just straight to the point Rhonda!

It was definitely a treat to get to share the news in person & try to do something fun even though we felt like we couldnt wait forever to make it a 'huge surprise' like we did last time with River.

So the news was out to all the parents. After that we decided it would be fun to take advantage of Christmas and share the news with the rest of the family then. I'll post those pictures next.

PS: if you want to see how we shared the news with River you can click here, here, & here


  1. I love her expression...so precious!

  2. Awesome expression and its great you captured it on camera!! Your family is too cute. Question? Does Baby have a name yet??

  3. Hey Brandy! Sadly, we dont have a name yet! Like nothing. zilch. zero. :) Buuuut Im hoping some how by the grace of God in the next 8 weeks we think of one! ha

  4. How about Lake? Then you willhave River and Lake. Thats cute! I don't know if you want any suggestions but I like unique names...my sons name is Talan Rush but a few others I like are- Kross, Dash, Lake, Knox, Cruz. Hope you share with us a name as soon as you name that little one. Love reading your blog and River is absolutely prcious.

    Visit me at delacruzcrew.blogspot.com

  5. I was happy to share all that I know...but think the most important thing I can tell you is: it iscall gonna be okay! Ha! You will do great! And you can call me any time :)