Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sharing the news on Baby #2 (part 2)

After I wrote that post yesterday I realized there were so many other stories of us telling friends .. like Freeland telling Adam because he just couldnt keep it a secret. (our plan was to wait & tell them in person when they got back from their trip home) and then me letting it slip to Camille on accident after just getting mad at Freeland.  Typical.

Or me emailing Freelands cousin, Mary, who is a pro at having babies back to back! :) And getting the most encouraging email full of lots of great wisdom back that helped a ton!

Or when we told Sarah & Drew and Sarah screamed so loud she scared River! ha. And then there were all my besties in Texas who of course were so encouraging and so supportive!

There are so many more. Of course - there always is.

But here are some pictures from Christmas day when we told my grandparents. (which BTW.. we would have done the same thing for my dad's side of the family but he didnt know that it was our plan and ended up telling them before we had the chance! Same with Freelands extended family too)

So we mailed the same picture that we gave Freelands mom to my mom's house and had her save it for my Nana & Pop to open on Christmas Day. The plan was for her to tell them it was just a little gift from River. We had them wait until they were all done opening gifts so we didnt distract everyone from their Christmas together. Then they called us on Skype to exchange our gift that way.  It worked out perfect because everyone was together.

We actually happened to be at Adam & Camille's with all our friends so we jumped on their computer. Im sure everyone else had a hunch about what was going on but I dont think my Nana & Pop did. So we sat and watched them open their gift from River over the computer:



wait for it ...


yep! There it is...



and some pictures my aunt took from their side of things:

sharing the baby news

sharing the baby news

sharing the baby news

sharing the baby news
It was hilarious getting to see everyone's reaction. Im so thankful for technology! (that sounded super nerdy)  And Im thankful that everyone in our family (and all our friends) have been so supportive.  Its nice having people understand that we trust the Lords plan with our life & our family.

I have a doctors appointment again on Thursday. After that I'll post an update on the baby bump! It continues to grow. and drop. and go bump. bump. bump.

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  1. I love technology...but not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology...always and forever.