Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the next dirk?

In honor of our big win last night..

(which btw: my husband called and asked if I wanted to "watch" the game together (over the phone since he is gone) as a date. It was sweet. He had to watch it from his computer since he doesnt have a TV there but it was still fun to watch some of it 'together')

River Slam Dunking

The Next Dirk??

you tell me:

okay, please ignore the incredibly dirty diaper. we were on our way to change it & get ready for bed..

also, you might want to zoom ahead to 1:15 because thats where he really shows his skills.

this is his new favorite thing to do. He does it ALL.DAY.LONG. If we're outside he just wants to shoot the ball in the hoop. And if we're inside he wants to throw it while sitting on the stairs or in his rocking chair. Sometimes he will take a break to chase the ball around the house. but the rest of the time he just wants to throw it. Probably something Im going to regret teaching him in just a few short months. But probably something we wont regret teaching him when he is signing his contract into the NBA to play for the mavericks straight out of college... just sayin.


  1. I love how he throws his arms up after he throws the ball, like "Score!" Too cute!