Tuesday, May 3, 2011

going a hundred miles an hour

remember when River was bald? Now I want to cut his hair every week it grows so fast.

I feel like we are going a hundred miles an hour. Even though - we arent! We have friends that are much busier & I know people who work a lot harder. And all our "busy" things are great/wonderful/crazy fun things so Im definitely not complaining.

Friday we had the sleep over at Sarahs. (pictures coming soon) I ended up coming home sick at 2:30am. Thankfully Freeland ended up getting home from his exam in Philadelphia early & we went to bed somewhere around 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning. Up bright and early with our teething son at 6:00. And then got to spend the day getting ready for a surprise party for the Lynne's with all our friends! It was So.Much.Fun getting to celebrate them & we finished the night out with a bonfire! It was great. (more later on that!)

Sunday we relaxed, cleaned, and Freeland golfed. We also had friends over.  Stuffed ourselves with food again. Watched lots of shows we hadnt seen all week. Enjoyed what seemed like a break from River teething. And crashed.

Yesterday River decided to get another molar. Freeland decided it was time to clean out our closets. I decided it was time to sit on the bed and watch him. :)

Thursday I "get" to take my gestational diabetes test! Looking forward to that. Not. But I am looking forward to finally getting to see my doctor again and start talking about when he wants to deliver this little guy!

Friday we leave for my step brothers wedding in Arkansas!! We'll get to see all the family & I cant wait! Until then we are just trying to get packed and get all the things we need done. Freeland is working hard trying to finish up this rotation well. Then he is in Cleveland for the month starting on Monday.

And then we are working hard to keep ourselves busy seeing friends as much as possible! Because we need to soak them up all we can before they leave to start residency!!

See, all good fun busy-ness! Oh and Im thinking River will be walking any day now! All hands on deck! Its cute. (he actually almost took a step on his own on Sunday but I stopped him so Freeland could be here to see it when it happens! woooops)

Update: I just saw this & it proves my point. We arent the busy ones here.. because we currently arent packing boxes! 

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