Monday, May 9, 2011

the biggest littlest mavs fan

In honor of the Mavericks SWEEP over the Lakers:


River got decked out & apparently went nuts.


trying to do flips on the bed of our hotel room.


celebrating that we beat the 2 time defending champions


we had to listen to yesterday's game in the car driving home from the airport.. but he stayed awake the entire time


and now we have advanced to the Western Conference Finals.. and we get to celebrate more.


Pretty sure Ive never seen a cuter little Mavericks fan before.


My dad has had season tickets to the Mavericks since before I was born, literally. So, this is a pretty exciting thing for our family. Even though River isnt growing up in Dallas .. he will be raised a Mavericks fan. No question about that.


Hard to believe it was just over a year ago he was watching his first game as a little 3 week old baby. (then it was against the spurs though) Looking forward to watching more games with him & cheering on the Mavs!

We just made it back from my step brothers wedding. It was so fun being with family and it just went by WAY too fast. I wish everyone would just come live at our house. River had a blast. Now Freeland is in Cleveland for the next 4 weeks doing a rotation there. Thankfully thats just 2 hours away so unless he is on call we will see him on the weekends! We shall see. I cant wait to share all the pictures from this weekend though. The wedding was beautiful & this big ol prego girl even busted out some major dance moves on the dance floor!! Ca-razy!!!

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