Thursday, April 7, 2011

while the birthday party pictures are uploading

Im trying to take advantage of River's nap & upload pictures. they are taking FOREVER.

So while we all wait (which by the time they are done Im sure he'll be up.. but hold on peeps - I will get them posted asap. Also, Im fully aware its only our family waiting to see pictures! ;)

I saw this a few days ago on Fabulous K's blog. I love it:

she found it here

I like how simple it is.

Okay.. we're at 13% complete for my upload of pictures. Again .. this is taking forever!

Also, yes: I promise I will upload pictures of my tummy to those of you who requested it. Warning, they are just self taken photos on my phone. But you'll get the point.


  1. wow thats SO good, I may have to go get it!! :) and I want to see pics is a big deal, I know!! :) hope he naps for a while!