Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the tooth saga continues

for those keeping up.. River apparently got the worst of both of our teeth. (its still to be determined who is to blame..  ;) But nothing about his teeth have been "normal" yet.

He got them all in backwards orders.
1 on bottom. then one on top.. but on the side!
then the other on the bottom.
it took forever to get his 2 top center ones.
Then he just had 3 teeth on top forever.
finally a fourth popped through.

However,  I dont know I ever showed you his tooth or if you have ever noticed or not..  but his top tooth came in with a crack straight up the center & a chip on the side:

Hi Freeland Junior!   (you can see it in the picture from Easter)

Crazy! It seriously grew in that way. The doctor said to just be thankful its a baby tooth! And we are. We are just going to have to teach him how to come up with an amazing story of how it got chipped so he can impress all the ladies until it falls out!


And of course in keeping with tradition .. he is now getting his molars before his other bottom 2 teeth.

Its been a bag of fun!

I couldnt believe it when I felt them pop through!  I definitely didnt expect them before his bottom teeth finished.

But I cant say I was that surprised. Poor kid. Lets just hope he doesnt have to go through the braces, retainers, etc. that I did. And lets hope he doesnt get his dad's enamel.


  1. Oh I have tons of sympathy for you and for River! Teething is terrible. And I have terrible dental bills so I pray my kids don't get my teeth. :( he is cute as a button!

  2. Brooke - I have a strange James Family (ie Freeland's ancestry) gene pool fact to share with you (it's not about teeth.. but maybe?). We all have these weird fingernails: split nail beds - almost all of us have at least one. I wonder if teeth could be connected!!! (Am I smoking crack???)