Friday, April 8, 2011

Rivers Little Man Party - The Decorations

Here are some more pictures from the party.

Im mostly posting these because other blogs were SO helpful when we were trying to figure out what to do. Although most had amazing things (like cupcake toppers, labels, signs, etc.)  that they bought or designed in illustrator.. and that wasnt an option for us so we improvised. Anywho.. in case its helpful Im posting all these pictures.

Huge props to Freeland for helping me cut, measure, move, and put together everything.. and for having lots of great ideas also & basically jumping on board with me.  We tried to keep it simple and just used stuff we already had or made things with paper. I cant take credit for any of these - I found all the ideas online and then just tweaked them some.


Im in love with this table. An incredibly sweet woman gave it to us for free at her garage sale.



I tried to do "man food" if that exist? Chicken Wings, BBQ sandwiches, Jalapeno Poppers, Quesadillas, Cheese Sticks. And then of course had other options also.

snacks for the little ones

The cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. I saw a print on etsy that said this but we didnt want to spend the money to order it so I just wrote it on the chalkboard.

these came with Rivers smash cake. The others I ordered seperate for everyone to also enjoy

triple chocolate & smores cupcakes. holy yum

triple chocolate and red velvet! Thank you Kimberly for doing the cupcakes! Huge hit!



the drinks. We had a "little man" side with root beer and cream soda and then a "big man" side with a variety of drinks the big guys could make. And then Cherry Limeade punch for everyone to enjoy also.



ties on a banner

mustaches on everyone's straw

just framed a piece of paper ourselves

*Corinne took this picture! I cant take credit. I took it from her blog! ;) we drew stashes on all the cups

the "favors" were a cookie bar. Originally with the idea to serve with milk and make "milk mustaches" but the milk thing never happened. I didnt want to worry about how to keep it cold. So we just did a mix of store bought cookies with homemade cookies


again just framed a little sign we made. easy peasy.






party hat.. we forgot to actually put it on River though! woops.

part of the photo booth where we had friends take pictures.We just framed paper & wrote on it with chalk so I didnt have to make a banner that said it was the photo area.

cut out mustaches to use as props for the photos

pictures we printed of River to put around the house

I tried to pick pictures where he either looked like a little man or was wearing a tie or something that went along with the theme.


Rivers Invite
so much fun

and so worth doing. There were so many things we also planned on doing that never got done. Wonderful ideas but it seemed like we had enough and we were happy with what we actually did get done.

It wasnt hard. Just took time. (and it happened to be a week we had the time to do it) But it made celebrating his birthday even more fun. However I think our second baby may just be getting the same party when he turns 1 & Ive asked Freeland if he wants to do a "mustache bash" as his 30th birthday too! All sound like great ideas to me.

I'll get the photo booth pictures posted also. I LOVE them! Our friends are great.


  1. That is the cutest party I've seen in a LONG time. Great job!!! :)

  2. Very, very cute. You are a wonderful mom.

  3. HOly CUTENESS BROOKE!!! ok I HAVE to see pics of your house! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a home tour! PLEASE! I love your style! THe door and the table and the mason jars! AH! I LOVE.

  4. This was absolutely the most adorable thing I've ever seen!! Thank you so much for letting me be a small part of it!

  5. Wow, I LOVE all of this! I really love the colors of your living room too! haha One of the best kids bday designs I've seen in a while :) Good job!

  6. oh. my. goodness. one of the cutest parties Ive ever seen! You are TOO cute with all this!! :) so glad you shared!!

  7. River is sooo cute, but I just don't get the whole "mustache craze." This is seriously about the 10th party I've seen with a mustache theme....and for a first birthday??? I believe you said it's because he looks like an old man, but....he's not. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Your house seems cute!

  8. This is the best party ever! If I have a boy one day, I am totally copying this idea! (If that's okay :)) Your little boy is precious!

  9. So fun- i'm doing a mr. Man party for Gray's first birthday! Love some of your ideas and totally am going to steal a few!!

  10. So amazing! You should submit your pictures to a party planning website like

  11. Hi again! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I have no idea why you are asking me about my pictures because yours are WAY better! I LOVE the lighting in yours. I just use my iphoto. I have photoshop elements and had big plans to use actions to edit my pictures, but I generally am just too lazy to take that much time. I usually wind up just adjusting the exposure and temperature in my iphoto. I might sharpen them a bit, too, but that's about it. Now, I seriously need to know what you do to yours! :)