Tuesday, April 19, 2011

River does The Dougie

I bummed because I cant find the video of River going nuts when he hears the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song. (same with the hot diggity dog song) its adorable that no matter where he is .. if he hears it he stops to dance.

So instead Im going to share this video with you to show off his insanely awesome dance skills.

While Freeland was out of town last month I tried to teach River how to Dougie. (mother of the year, right?!)  If you have no idea what that is - its probably for the best! But you can see a video here that shows you what it is and you can also see Justin Beiber teach Regis & Kelly how to do it here

Basically its the 2010 version of the macarena. but with rap. its catchy. and it makes me laugh more than anything.

And apparently River agrees:

Please notice that he has it nailed down perfectly:

1. lean side to side.
2. put your arms into it.
3. add some dougie fresh. (his "dougie fresh" is kicking his legs)

ie: River nailed it!

His love of dancing may be the only thing he got from me so Im living it up.


  1. He's got nothin' on bieber!
    River's gonna be picking up all the pretty ladies with those moves!

  2. SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I want to just squeeze him! He would really get along well with lamar!!

  3. so cute!

    Asha loved it too! she kept pointing and bouncing along with River!

  4. Thanks. That was hilarious. It was a nice pick me up. He's got skills.

  5. river- teach me how to dougie :)
    thx, luv parker

  6. this is the best thing ever. i laughed!!! he's so awesome!