Saturday, April 23, 2011

Raising Boys

Lauren posted this on her blog yesterday and I . LOVE . IT

So Im re-posting it here. You should read Laurens blog.. she always shares great insight and things she is learning. And she shares all her little inspirations that she finds! Freeland & I both knew Lauren back at Baylor from different things. I love that he has such great memories/stories of her from their trip to Morocco and I have other great stories & memories. (Lauren, you probably didn't even know this.. but we do talk about how wonderful you are all the time.. with Camille too! :) 


Here is what she wrote: 

Raising Boys

"Okay, so I have this habit of hearing a teaching and sharing it with all of you. I can't help myself. This info is too good to not pass on! Yesterday I heard a mom of two teenage boys share her insights on motherhood and specifically raising boys. My little guy is ALL BOY. Here we go.
The first thing she said is that
motherhood is an investment; not a sacrifice. We have to view it in that light or bitterness starts to grow in our hearts. She said to completely embrace the servant heart that is necessary for being a mother. She emphasized to not give a child too much responsibility for your wholeness. I've done this; I admit it.
She said that we cannot blame ourselves for our child's bad behavior. She said if we do this then we are probably taking credit for our child's good behavior.
It's not about us; we can't take the blame or credit. We must keep ourselves separate from their behavior. Everything good that happens is because of God's grace.
She gave some little tips for raising toddler boys. She said that we need to teach them how to look us in the eye. She said to gently touch their arm or leg and say "Noah, look at mommy's eyes." Then we can tell them what we expect of them in that moment. Toddlers are so easily distracted. We have to teach them to look at us and listen.
She said to
never discipline for something you haven't taught. Teach them to deal properly with negative emotions. They don't know how to calm down from a tantrum unless we teach them how. We can't just tell them what to do. Boys are very visual. You discipline for defiance; you train childishness.
We are raising someone's husband. Give his wife an emotionally healthy man. Teach him to identify his emotions at a young age by using a "feeling faces" chart. He needs to know words other than happy and sad to describe how he is feeling.
She said that a boy's mind is constantly changing and is extremely curious;
we have to keep their minds busy by providing structured activities that help them learn and grow and feed their minds. Give them purpose every day.
She said to look for their passion. Try everything. Pay really close attention to what their giftings are. If you cultivate the gift of God in your children they will not depart from it.
Don't praise your child because they are smart.
Praise them for their hard work. And teach them the value of hard work.
As they grow, we should remember to never define them by their worst moment. Look at their heart. Nurture them, teach them, train them. She said that her oldest son is now 18 and it went by so fast. She emphasized how fast it goes by and
how sacred the moments are that we have with our children. Take advantage of building a relationship with your child. Be present in his life. It goes by ever so quickly... "



  1. Brooke you are too sweet! I don't know why my font got all messed up toward the end of the post...I am so computer illiterate sometimes:o)! River is ADORABLE and I know we are all in the same boat raising our boys...I love that.