Friday, April 29, 2011

our morning

Freeland is in Philidelphia right now (its about 7-8 hours away on the other side of PA for those curious) taking an exam that he is required to for school. (just one step closer to graduating!)

So River and I spent the morning soaking up all the royal wedding festivities.  (he loved it Im sure)


I tried to record the wedding but at some point in the middle of the night our electricty went out so we just had to rely on the coverage once we were up.


Obviously River had no idea what was going on.


But he did love stopping as he was crawling by to catch a glimpse of all the craziness.


However, he missed the kiss. Playing with my shoes was way more entertaining than watching someone share cooties of course.


Tonight Im off to our annual Girls Group Sleepover. (you can see the last 2 here & here) Cant wait.

Poor River.. a wedding & a girls sleep over all in one day!


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