Friday, April 15, 2011

Im Lovin It


I have really loved every stage of Rivers life. I especially loved the newborn stage. But I really have enjoyed it all along the way.

Except for a month ago or so I found myself thinking "okay lets hurry through this stage." Im not sure what it was or why I felt that way. Im sure it was mostly the pregnancy but I just didnt know what to do with River and the different ways he was trying to express himself to us. (without being able to tell us what he wants) It felt like the days were much longer and he was super needy and took a lot more work all the sudden. Again, Im sure it was the pregnancy and me just being exhausted at the time. But Im just being honest.

Then all the sudden I woke up one day and absolutely fell in love with this stage of his life. I love that he can play by himself for a while, I love that he is trying to say things, I love that he fake laughs whenever we are laughing, I love when he is independent, I love that he still crawls in our laps, I love seeing him drink out of a sippy cup, I love that he makes a little "vroom" noise when he plays with cars, I love that he wants to be next to other kids when they are playing (even though he doesn't understand sharing yet), I love that he understands how to sleep, I love that he feeds himself, I love that he gets so excited he practically falls over, I love that he dances all the time, I love that he wants to play with us, and I especially love that he knows at times he is being funny & a little charmer. Its so nice he is understanding us more & more each day. For the most part he is understanding when we say "no" and its easier to tell when he is truly upset vs. just throwing a fit all the sudden. He seriously makes me laugh all the time. 

Those are just a few things that come to mind. But Im so thankful I find myself loving each stage as he grows up. It makes it easier to enjoy him growing up. I feel like we are in a great routine where he is doing well also & that makes every day so much easier also.

Its like Im nailing this motherhood thing & with one kid have it all figured out.  

Just Kidding!

Now lets add another little boy to the mix & see what happens. Woo Hoo! Party People!

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