Wednesday, April 20, 2011

exciting news

Lots of exciting news from our friends to share!

First of all, meet River's new cousin!!!!

Eli Quinn Harrell
9lbs 4oz,
20 inches.

oh how I love a little newborn baby! So excited for River to have a cousin so close to his age. (almost exactly a year except little Eli was a little toooo comfy in there & didnt want to make his appearance yet! ;) It will be so fun watching them grow up together!!

Second, check out Sarah & Drew's blog with their exciting news!!! River will soon have another bestie up here to play with!!! We're so excited for them & for their family to be growing! And we're thrilled that they are sharing the news with everyone else. Make sure to check back on her blog to read about their journey!

Third, Kori & Jon had their son, Grey! He's precious!!!! Keep checking her blog for updates as Im sure they will post pictures/updates soon!! I want them to be the ones to share everything! Praise the Lord that he is doing well. Thanks for all your prayers for them!

Fourth, Henry turns 2 tomorrow. Has it seriously been 2 years already?? blows my mind

PS: Im glad yall all enjoyed the video of River dancing as much as I did! :)

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