Friday, April 22, 2011

Epic post of tummy pictures

Okay, so its been awhile since I posted any pictures of the 'ol tumkin.

Ive tried to take pictures every week like I did with River .. but that has meant that pretty much all of them are taken by yours truly with my cell phone. Especially since we were traveling during a lot of these!

So please excuse the phone in my face, the work out clothes, the mess in the room behind me, the fuzzy pictures, etc. etc. etc. Lets just all be thankful I remembered to take these!

12 weeks (the only one that wasnt with my cell phone)

13 weeks

17 weeks

19 weeks
(same outfit. awesome)

20 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks

23 weeks

23 weeks

25 weeks

25 weeks

26 weeks

Im in my 27th week now. So as you can imagine Ive grown even more. I look larger than I do in these pictures. (if you want my opinion) Im definitely stealing Sarah's idea and telling people I dont know that Im further along than I am so I dont hear "oh my gosh youre HUGE." So dont be offended if you hear me say Im 35 weeks or something.

I have another doctors appointment today & then I start my 2 week appointments! Im feeling better as far as being tired or sick. But Im definitely way more uncomfortable than I was with River & getting a lot less sleep at night this time. I have lots of random pain in random spots. And Im looking forward to talking to the doctor about it today.

I have been trying to go to the gym and "work out" as much as possible. I use the term loosely because just Monday on the treadmill when I was "working out" the 70 year old man next to me was walking faster than I was! But its been nice trying to stay active. And I can tell its helping because my back doesnt hurt like it did last time I was pregnant.

I havent had any real cravings or anything. I do have random spots on my skin/face that I didnt have last time. But thats fine! People do ask me all the time if I think River knows whats going on. With out a doubt I know he has no idea! He kicks my stomach all the time & I dont think he realizes that its changed/grown at all.

As far as a name goes, same as last time, we've got nothin. Absolutely nothing. Well, I take that back. Freeland has some ideas.. but lets just say if you thought River was unique you would die if you heard these names! We'll keep working on it though.

Im ready to meet this little guy. And Im a little sad that I still have to wait a few months. I say lets just get this show on the road! But Im thankful he is growing and healthy and kicking like crazy daily. (he is WAY more active than his brother was! This makes me a little nervous! But its fun too)


  1. Seriously, what could be wilder than the name River?:)

    I like the cell phone pics!

  2. You look gorgeous, seriously. You are like thin with a cute belly.

  3. You look great!!!
    I'm only 11 weeks but I swear I am twice as big as I was with my first.

  4. Adorable! I can't wait to hear what you guys decide on. And I definitely don't think you look large. Maybe just like you snuck a basketball under your shirt ;)

  5. You look adorable as always! Can't wait to hear more about your next little man. Maybe you could name him Forest? :)

  6. it's so fun to read about your thoughts since we are on the exact same timeline! and don't worry, i definitely tell people i'm further's like people don't expect you to look pregnant until you only have 4 weeks left or something! can't wait to hear baby's name :-)