Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Baskets

Technically this was River's first holiday that he has celebrated twice now.. since he was born on Easter weekend last year. So it was really fun to be thinking the entire day about what we were doing this time last year on Easter.

It also means he's pretty much a pro at the whole Easter basket thing. Sarah & Drew brought him one to the hospital last year. Truth be told we ran out late on Friday night and got him one at the last second. We kept putting it off .. so not like us?

It was fun to get him up & get him dressed for church. Then take him down to enjoy his Easter basket. Obviously, its not what Easter is about. And we'll make sure he knows that. But its still so fun.

note: Sunday morning we also realized he really didnt have anything to wear on Easter. This outfit was an attempt. Dont worry, we changed him right after these pictures seeing as the pants were now shorts and the top was more like a muscle shirt than anything else! :)

you would think he was smiling for the camera but this was his face when he saw the basket sitting on the table

we just did candy (our favorite kinds) and then 1 toy. (trying out something besides mickey mouse! :)




pretty sure he LOVED the eggs!




and he loves the Handy Manny.. I cant wait for him to one day realize its tools just like his dads. 

he also loved pulling the grass out of the basket. he's still playing with all of it today.

We went ahead and got his brother a basket too so they will have matching ones next year. :)

And we're the only ones who have had the candy. bad planning on our part.. next year I'll make sure to fill it with candy we dont both love eating.

We spent the entire weekend with friends. Henry's birthday party was on Saturday & then Sunday after church all of us got together to celebrate Easter as a "family!" I'll post those pictures soon. 


  1. River is actually very stylish in his seersucker cropped pants, the length is very European.

  2. Yes, I love the tiny pants and shirt! Y'all crack me up. That is so something that we would do.