Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12 months

I guess this is my last monthly post. I dont want to be "that mom" that tells people River is 48 months old you know! (no offense)


After we went to your doctors appointment it was apparent why you eat like someone who has never been fed in your life and you pretty much wont stop eating until there isnt food in front of you: You are now 21.9lbs (32%) and 31 1/4 tall (90%!) which in case you arent keeping track like I was,  thats 3 entire inches since your last appointment. Growth spurt much? This is also the first time you are above the 20% in your weight ;)

You arent walking yet. And I really havent even thought much about it. Im happy for you to take your time and continue to just cruise along on the furniture. You say "dada" and "momma" and "ni ni" (night night) and "go" and also "ki ki" It sounds like you are saying other things all the time but who knows.


You had your first taste of pure sugar on your birthday. You liked it but didnt devour it like we thought you would. You might just get that from your dad because if it were me that entire cake would have been gone.  You made the switch to milk. I was shocked that you just took to it the way you did and didnt look back. You still prefer it out of a bottle but I try to give it to you in a sippy cup as much as possible.

You had your first bloody nose after a fall the day after your birthday. I think that officially makes you a little boy or something right?! (it wasnt big. it was literally a drop.. but since Im your mom I can say it officially counts because it was traumatizing to see)


You still take 2 naps and you still get super tired and ready for bed early. Most people Im sure think we are crazy but - youre the one calling the shots (when it comes to sleep at least) and if youre sleepy Im happy to put you to bed. The earlier you go to bed the later you sleep in the morning so it works well for all parties involved.

I can see your little personality coming out more and more. You cry when we take things away or tell you no. Its apparent that you know what you want and are starting to have your own opinion. I still think you have such a sweet sensitive side & probably always will. But you definitely love rough housing with your dad and its adorable to see yall bond that way too. (which BTW: your dad is a perfect mix of "all boy" and knowing when to be sensitive so you may just take after him!)


You love playing with other kids. Even though you dont understand how to share yet or that someone else is playing with something I know you'll learn and I love watching you want to play with your friends and just be next to whatever they are doing. I love watching you figure things out and I love that I can see your imagination growing daily.

I hate to get all sappy on here (I'll save that for the letter I plan to write you) but I do know that Im amazed you are our son. Im amazed we never even thought about how wonderful you could be and what a joy you would bring to our family - and here you are .. daily making our hearts grow! I love being your mother and I know Freeland has never loved anything the way he loves you or found so much pride & joy in anything before. Youre a blessing that we didnt know we needed and Im so thankful youre our son.


*party picks up next


  1. he is so stinking adorable. What a sweet post. :) Also I think he looks like his daddy. I can't wait to see what baby boy #2 looks like. :)