Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a week of celebrating

turns out its easy to celebrate River turning ONE for the entire week. 

(in little ways of course) 

Monday: his car seat was turned facing forward. (we are not waiting until 2. I just cant do it. I know we're horrible)
Tuesday: he got his first cup of milk & seemed to love it
Wednesday: moving to no bottle. (he may not enjoy this part of the celebrating. we'll see) 
Thursday: who knows.. maybe I'll go crazy and make him eggs for the first time!
Friday: pre-party day. maybe we'll take him swimming for the first time (indoors obviously. its still 20-30 degrees here. yay for a prego person in a swimsuit. not.)
Saturday: THE BIG DAY. Lucky guy gets his first taste of suuuuuugar!!!! Lots of people loving on him & celebrating his life. friends over to play with. food to eat. and again - SUGAR!

Its fun finding little things each day to make the entire week fun. We were just kind of doing it already and then I realized it after the fact so the rest of the week I'll be more purposeful about celebrating all the "firsts" he is experiencing. I think the biggest part of the celebration is having his dad home ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. for the entire week! 

(PS: I made a totally sappy and adorable slide show of River at the hospital when he was born. I'll upload it soon. I cry every time I watch it. Get excited!)

PPS: I have a bazillion gazillion post that I need to share with you. Like, telling our family the news about baby #2. I thought Id share the story of how we came up with the name River. Oh and of course the pictures from 8 months ago when we re-decorated our house! One day I hope to finally share all those!


  1. Sounds like fun....
    Does anyone REALLY make their kids stay facing forward until they are 2? That's craziness.
    I turned my son around 3 days before his first birthday, it was fantastic! :) Enjoy all his firsts, after this birthday the years seem to fly by... my boy is turning 3 in a few months. :(

  2. Send me your info so you can get your awesome Scentsy loot!
    I love reading about how people "spill the beans" on big news to their families!

  3. I've always wanted to ask you this and this seems like a perfect set up. Will you explain where Freedland's name came from too? Maybe it's just me, but its so unique and so is River's, I would love to know the meaning behind it.