Monday, March 28, 2011

together again

photo 2
(taken with my phone when Freeland walked in on Saturday)

Freeland is home.

He was away on a rotation the last couple of weeks. (after the one in Texas, I came home & he went on to a different rotation.)

And did I mention its technically supposed to be his vacation month right now? The man works hard.  Im happy to brag on him.

But he is home now & Im grateful. And we are all together again. And River laughs like crazy and hates taking naps now because it means Freeland wont be in the room.

Side note: today we went to the Y to work out. (Yes, I "worked out" for those of you in my family who had to read that twice) and I walked in the kids area to get River. He just sat there. He smiled but didnt care. Then Freeland walked in... he started balling. I guess he got upset that he realized Freeland had been away or that he was there and wasnt right next to him. In summary, he loves his dad. (and me. but mostly his dad)

We've been busy unpacking, cleaning, planning Rivers birthday, enjoying time together, cooking, and seeing friends!!  its been perfect. So I'll try to update more soon.

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