Wednesday, March 2, 2011

thoughts on having 2 boys

First of all, I very much felt like Rachel in Friends when she see's her baby on the sonogram. (click here if you dont know what Im talking about)

Here are the pictures of our baby:

Ackley Boy 1

Ackley Boy 2


do you see it?

I mean, I see an arrow. But thats it. Im very thankful she wrote "boy" because I have no idea what they were looking at. I guess thats what happens when you arent looking at the screen with them to see it for yourself.  We have another sonogram when I get back to Erie so Im really looking forward to that!

We are very excited to have 2 little boys. Many people have told me "you will be very loved & taken care of" thats what Im hoping for! :) And Im strangely up for the challenge of chasing 2 crazy toddlers around. I was actually shocked when I read it was a boy. Even though I told Freeland from the beginning that I kind of hoped it was a boy.. I think deep down I thought it was a girl. (based soley on the fact that this pregnancy seems different from my first) And I never actually saw myself as a mom with all boys. So it was crazy to wrap my mind around it. But we are and its exciting.

Probably our 2nd thought after reading it was a boy was:


Of course I already could tell you 10 girl names we would use. (Piper probably would have won) and we have ZERO boy names once again. For those who dont know.. it took us almost 2-3 days AFTER River was born to name him. I have a feeling the same thing will be happening again!

Thanks for all your sweet comments and congratulations! You people are just too sweet!


  1. Okay, I have never commented before and have just been a blog stalker, but I heard the neatest boy name and it is not very common (I don't think), but it was Kempton. So just a suggestion!

  2. It'll be a cute and manly name I'm sure ;) I totally knew which Friends episode you were talking about!

  3. I love that episode! I can definitely relate. Good luck with boy names! My husband and I were the same way- we had a ton of girl names that we loved and could not decide on a single boy name. Of course we had a boy ;) but I couldn't imagine it any other way.

    PS- I know a few guys named Lake. That would be funny if you stuck with a naming theme!

  4. SO excited for you:) I mean honestly, they are a lot of work in the beginning because they are so physical and full of energy...but once they get to where they play with each other and are best friends it is so awesome. We are hitting that 'groove' with our boys and are having THE.BEST.TIME.EVER. And yes, I do LOVE being the only girl in my family right now. Only one princess for the husband to take care of;)

  5. Oooo! Fun! It's so great to have two boys close together. Jacob and Hudson have the greatest time playing together and I'm so thankful that they have each other. Congrats!!