Saturday, March 19, 2011

A summary of our trip to the Lone Star State

Sonic Drive Inn. Other people taking care of River.lots of driving.     meeting friends for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.visiting family. Whataburger. Freeland working almost 30 days straight. Chuys. Late night road trip to visit friends. being sick. pack n plays. freebirds. warm weather. borrowing cars. going back and forth in DFW. lots of cupcakes. Re-sale stores. birthdays. free babysitters. dates. laundry. river playing in the grass. cows & horses everywhere. playing peek a boo. lone star. Glorias. lots of sleeping. the dougie. River constantly being entertained.  engagement parties & baby showers. probably my last flight with River in my lap. grandmas and grandpas. finding out the sex of baby #2. getting a glimpse of what it would feel like to live next to family. discovering new tv shows. green grass. chilli's. parks. mavericks games. toys.. lots of toys. aunts, uncles, and cousins. feeling blessed. my tummy growing a lot. watching River be loved on.  

Thats just what comes to mind this second. Im sure there is more I left off.

PS: Speaking of Texas, did you see that Adam & Camille are leaving us? I know right.. how rude?? (just kidding) But at least they are moving back to The Lone Star State and thankfully close to our family so we get to see them every time we go home!!!! So happy for them & all our friends who matched for residency!


  1. Love the blog! That seems like a jam-packed trip! Would love to be blog buddies! I have a STELLA AND DOT GIVEAWAY on my blog..stop by!