Friday, March 18, 2011

Rivers birthday invitation

here it is:

Rivers Invite
designed by bnute check her out! She has lots of great invitations.

Im so excited. I love it. Its the perfect mix of vintage/whimsical details.. and it makes me laugh. Who doesnt love mustaches?

In case you are confused as to what a "mustache bash" is - our plan is to do a "little man" party. Since River was born we have always been told that he looked like such a "little man" and we agree. So once I stumbled upon the idea online we went with it. I figure its one of the only parties where we have all the say in what we do.. so Im taking advantage.

Also, you may not remember but River & Freeland also wore mustaches in the hospital when he was born! (thanks to Sarah & Drew!) So that just adds to the list of reasons we are doing this theme.

We'll decorate with mustaches everywhere.. and ties.. and bowties.. and anything else we can think of. Its actually going to be low-key though. We just want to have friends over to enjoy food and eat cake. Nothing fancy. But we still want it to be fun.

So thats the plan. 

update: I actually wrote this yesterday and today Im not nearly as motivated. Is it okay if the invitations are the only thing that have a theme on them? Just Kidding. I know I'll get motivated again but Im just being honest.


  1. thats sooo cute and such a fun idea! cant wait to see pics after the big day!!

  2. That's so great! I love those invitations! That will be the hippest one-year old birthday party ever.

  3. L.O.V.E. I wondered if you would bring back the mustaches after River's cute onsie when he was a newborn. SO fun brooke! P.S. great designing too. Did you do that yourself?!