Thursday, March 3, 2011

River in the snow

It occurred to me after everyone of my friends from Texas had pictures of their kids out in the snow.. when they only had snow for one day.. that we live with snow on the ground for at least 4-5+ months & I didnt have ONE picture of River in the snow. It isnt the same when you live with it for months and months I guess? Or maybe its because of his age. He doesnt understand playing in the snow yet. Either way we bundled him up and made sure we got some pictures to record the fact that he did grow up with 2 feet of snow on the ground for most of the winter:






He seemed to like sitting in the snow. It was actually about to start snowing like a blizzard again so we didnt stay outside. (umm and it was like 15 degrees!) I wish I would have thought to move the glove parts off his hands so he could actually play with the snow. Next time!

Freeland keeps cracking me up because he keeps telling me how we need to clean up the backyard once we get back to Erie and yada yada yada. I keep having to remind him that there will most likely still be snow on the ground.. therefore there will be nothing to clean up. yet! Winter doesnt end there nearly as early as it does in Texas. How quickly we forget.


  1. We have yet to take photos of Levi in the snow, either!! He got some on his hands once and started crying, so I'm not sure he'd like it :)

    What kind of editing program do you use?! These photos are phenomenal! I love that last one especially!

  2. The last color picture---I SEE FREELAND in there! Snowsuit is really cute! Are you not LOVING this Spring like weather!

  3. Wow, our sons could share a closet! Too cute.

  4. mini freeland! :) such a cutie! congrats also on boy #2!! :)