Tuesday, March 1, 2011

one sick little family

For the first time ever River actually got us sick. (normally we are the ones who get him sick) Its just a bad cold. Not the end of the world. But it isnt fun. Especially when Freeland has to work while he is sick. Thats exhausting.  Strangely, Im thankful for the times I am sick at the same time as River. It helps me understand how he feels.. like I understand now that his nose is chapped & hurts and thats why I have to wrestle him to the ground to clean it. :)

However, the up side is that we are in Texas with family so my aunt is over here helping with River today. And there are lots of people who can love on River all the time. Also the weather is amazing so we are getting to go outside and get fresh air when we need it. So no complaining here.

I feel like River is changing daily. He does something new to surprise us every time I turn around. I think having so many people around him does that. He picks up on new things all the time. For example, he plays peek-a-boo now.. and claps.. he high fives.. he will sign "more".. and he is talking up a storm. (thats all just within the last few days too) See what I mean? Im going to turn around and he is going to be driving off for college soon!

Okay, Im going to take more medicine. But I'll post the sonogram pictures soon along with our thoughts on having 2 little boys under 2.


  1. SO sorry you are sick-but help around makes it some better? 2 boys under 2-TOO busy!

  2. Hope you are feel better soon friend, miss you lots!