Monday, March 21, 2011

on becoming a toddler

turning 1 makes River a toddler right?

cause if not everything else he is doing makes him a toddler.

climbing through, over, & around everything.
getting into his favorite place: under the kitchen sink. yay cleaning supplies!
digging through the trash. dirty diapers are fun toys.
learning to flush the toilet! (cant wait to see what we find in the pipes!) 
upset when I change his diaper because it means there is going to be 1 minute where he cannot play
eating. eating. eating.
turning the TV on & off
and attempting to climb out of his crib.

So I would write more except I need to try to go figure out how to lower his crib by myself. Woo Hoo!

(note: there are also LOTS of amazing, wonderful, and adorable things he is doing as well... like his dance moves are just improving every day. he laughs a lot more. he talks all the time. he is so happy with me just sitting with him. he loves having our approval. he wants to feed himself. he chases the cats.. and list goes on & on & on.)


  1. My definition of a toddler is age 1 or walking. River totally qualifies. Lowering our crib was a tad difficult. Good luck!

  2. Adam can come lower your crib! Yes, toddler = 1 years old!

  3.'re not busy at all huh?!! :)

  4.'re not busy at all huh?!! :)

  5. Toddler is when they start toddling around, so River definitely counts!

    Just came across your blog today. Very nice :)