Wednesday, March 16, 2011

home. sweet. home

we are home. and it feels just like being home. Which feels awesome.

(Although I loved being in Texas. Its also home.. just a different kind of home)

We had our carpets cleaned while we were gone so I came home to a sparkling clean house. And it also felt awesome.

I got the internet/cable turned back on, unpacked, stocked the fridge and cooked in my own kitchen. Although I still need to go through the massive pile of mail.. not the most exciting awesome thing.

River thinks all his toys are brand new again and is majorly entertained. (which as you can imagine.. is awesome)

He also sees the door and freaks out because he discovered in Texas whats on the other side and now just wants to be outside. (which isnt awesome because its super muddy/melty snow)

I got to see all my friends tonight at Girls Group. It was great. Just like I was never gone. And Freeland is loving his new rotation. (more awesome than I can explain)

Hoping to upload pictures sooner than later.

The end.

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