Tuesday, March 8, 2011

11 months

(old picture.. as you can tell from the Christmas tree in the back. But I dont have my camera cord with me to upload a new one)

Lets see, what has changed since I wrote your 10 month post a little over just 2 weeks ago!

You are starting to become a picky eater. Suddenly you wont eat random foods and you only take a few bites of veggies. Of course yogurt, fruit, bread, and snacks you could still eat all day long. I guess Im going to start tricking you into eating your veggies earlier than I thought.You still cram 20 things in your mouth at once. Im so thankful that some how you havent choked.

Youre down to 3 bottles a day. Soon I think it will be 2 and then before we know it on to milk.

You finally started drinking out of a sippy cup. For months you just played with it. Now you will actually hold it yourself and drink. Once again reminding me that you are going to do things on  your own time line. The same as it was when we stopped swaddling you, let you cry it out, when you started to crawl, and when you decided you were ready to pull up on things.

Which by the way would be just the other week really. You had no interest before to pull up on anything. And I enjoyed it because it made my life easier. However its fun seeing you explore new things and entertain yourself. We just need to work on you learning to fall down.

Like I mentioned before you are now waving bye, clapping, giving high fives, and all that jazz. It is funny though because you easily get confused and kind of do them all at once.

This month we found out you are going to have a little brother. Its crazy to think in just over 4 months you are going to meet him. And your personality is coming out more and more everyday. Youre a curious little boy. At times you are cautious but other times you surprise me with how adventurous you are. I love listening to you talk. You adore animals and you have discovered that you LOVE being outside.

I started planning your birthday (in my head.. not actually planning it though. but Im proud of myself for even starting this early) Im mostly excited to see you stuff loads of cake in your mouth. It will be a blast getting to celebrate you. (Even though this month in Texas has been mostly focused on you and you have been spoiled the entire time.)


  1. Okay have I ever told you about my kids being afraid to sit down once they learned to pull up? Ty and Charlie both took three weeks (!!!!!!!) to learn how to sit back down. In their crib, at church, anywhere they pulled up, they'd stand and scream until someone rescued them. Hilarious now but at the time I kept going, "REALLY?" Joy? Took her one day to figure it out.