Wednesday, February 16, 2011

turns out

when you are traveling making your blog a priority is even harder.

I havent even been on the computer once since we left until now. (which I actually very much enjoy)

River is getting S.P.O.I.L.E.D. with lots of attention and eating it up. Freeland is working hard on his rotation. And I am taking advantage of the family we have around entertaining my son so I can rest. (I guess you could say Im getting spoiled too)

The trip down was a success. The seat next to us was empty and I have no idea how we would have done it otherwise. Note: River at 10 months wont sit still like he would at 6 months. He wants to make sure everyone can see him and go nuts over how cute he is. I'll be looking into buying him a seat for the way home.

Freelands drive was a little more adventurous (thats my nice way of saying horrible. He made the 22 hour drive home while I flew home. poor guy) He made great time until he got to Little Rock and it took him 5+ hours just to get to the other side of town because of the ice. SO he made it in at 5:00am. Needless to say, neither of us really slept that night and we took about 2 days to recover from all that was going on.

I have Rivers 10 month post to put up and lots of other pictures.. including FINALLY putting up pictures of all the updates we did to our house! But for now Im going to go chase my son around & then enjoy the 70 degree weather outside.

PS: I ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION THAT WE GET TO FIND OUT THE SEX OF THE BABY WHILE WE ARE IN TEXAS! I CANNOT WAIT! I was expecting to have to wait until March sometime so Im thrilled!!


  1. Miss you guys! Cannot wait to hear what you're having!!!

  2. No way! I'm guessing not before this weekend when we see you? I'm excited to gush about River"s cuteness :)