Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rivers first haircut

I just realized all the pictures I uploaded before I left didnt really upload. bummer. Here are some that did from Rivers first haircut (sadly, the before and afters didnt. Im sorry you dont get to witness how crazy his hair was. Lets just say it was a major party in the back).

Freeland was looking out for River! Poor kid was starting to grow a rats tail. If it was 1985 he would have been stylin but not so much today. So Freeland insisted that we cut his hair.

bed head


thankfully, he really had no idea what was going on


Then Freeland came in and cleaned it up even more. Making sure it faded nicely in the back. Things Im not sure how to do.


yes, those are our kitchen scissors

you cant really tell in this picture.. but its the best I have since the others didnt upload:

love that little blond head of hair. And cant wait for it to get even longer. If only it had the curls on the end that both my brother & I had!

(ps: thanks for voting.. its been super fun to read every one's guesses!)

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