Wednesday, February 9, 2011

packing up

well, we are busy here packing up and heading to Texas.   yeeee haw! (sorry couldnt help myself)

Sorry for the lack of post.

My attention has been on .. packing a suitcase for myself, packing clothes for River, cleaning the house, packing more, cleaning the fridge out, passing out from exhaustion, figuring out what to take on the plane that will entertain him enough not to yell, (the answer is food) working through to-do list that have to be done before we leave...

and other important things like chasing River around the house, trying to get him to stop eating the cats food, and probably saying no 23498729587+ times a day.

Its going to be a little hectic but we're going to make it work. Other people do it all the time!

Freeland is starting another month of general surgery on Monday. That will make it 3 months in a row of surgery. Then after that he is doing an Orthopedic Rotation .. so really 4 months in a row of surgery. Guess he is going to figure out if surgery is for him or not. We're really excited. (that wasnt sarcasm)

I have a lot of pictures uploading so hopefully I can post LOTS while I am in Tejas!


  1. Ha Tejas! You ARE busy, I thought you didn't mess with Texas. :) JK You 3 will be missed very much!

  2. We'll miss you guys! Enjoy your time with your family and I'm praying for safe travels.

  3. Email me and tell me where in Texas you guys are. We would love to meet up with you guys if you are close.